Live Edge Epoxy Table for Sale

Buy Live Edge Table With Epoxy River

Here at Bully Woodworking, nothing is more important than our client’s satisfaction. To ensure that, we involve you every step of the way and always keep your end vision in mind with each decision made for your project. We pride ourselves in providing clear and constant communication with our clients, beginning during the first in-depth initial consultation and continuing thereafter.

What Is an Epoxy River Table?

One of our specialties in the shop is live edge epoxy river tables. The process to create these tables is very intricate and requires high levels of patience and craftsmanship. Epoxy is a wonderful product–it is extremely durable, can be matched to your favorite color, be made with varying degrees of transparency, and, if done right, will produce a glass-like finish. It’s even heat and moisture-resistant and will last for years when properly cared for. When ordering a custom live edge epoxy table, we take these details into account and go into each project seeing your final vision and ensuring all the details shine through.

Taking a step back, live edge epoxy river tables are named because the final design resembles a river flowing through two slabs of wood. The slabs are turned inward, with the live edge of the wood forming the river banks, and the epoxy creating the river. While called a river table, epoxy doesn’t have to be colored blue to resemble water (although that is a very popular choice!). Depending on the desired effect, epoxy can be any color you wish, or even left crystal clear.

A live edge epoxy table like this requires expertise beginning with the first, and most important, decision–slab choice. The live edges on the slab are what makes these tables so incredible, and seeing the final design in a raw wood slab is truly an art, requiring expert craftsman knowledge and experience. When seeking a live edge epoxy table for sale, keep this in mind. It's all about the live edge when it comes to an epoxy river table–live edges are what give the finished product its aesthetic appeal, and once they've been prepared and the resin poured, there's no turning back, which is why it's vital to develop these features before pouring. It will add a special touch to an already special project.

How long do epoxy tables last?

Unlike other materials, epoxy resin won't degrade over time. Additionally, it is resistant to most chemicals and stains. As a result, you can expect your epoxy wood table will last for generations with proper care and maintenance. When looking for a live-edge epoxy table for sale, you can be confident that the investment is a good one. Not only will your wood table with resin be beautiful but it will also be durable.

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