Epoxy Resin Charcuterie Board

Level up your parties and get-togethers with a handmade, custom wood epoxy charcuterie board. Customizable in a variety of styles and colors to fit your aesthetic, you are sure to impress your guests with such a gorgeous centerpiece.

Charcuterie has a long history, one rich in authenticity. Here at Bully Woodworking, we understand the amount of time and effort you put into hosting. A handmade, custom charcuterie board by Bully Woodworking is more than a standard vessel to display foods at a party, it is a work of art–one that will compliment everything that you have already put into your event.

Can you use epoxy on a charcuterie board?

By purchasing a custom charcuterie board, available with the addition of epoxy matched to your favorite color, rather than a run-of-the-mill one from the store, you are ensuring a classic piece that will be available to be handed down from one generation to another to keep the party going. If applied correctly to non-cutting or light-duty cutting surfaces such as serving boards, charcuterie boards, or serving trays, food-grade epoxy has a place in the kitchen or dining room.

If a wood epoxy resin charcuterie board isn’t your preference–no worries! The best part of a custom order is that everything is matched to your personal aesthetic, and Bully Woodworking also offers charcuterie boards and cutting boards utilizing only wood in beautiful designs.

Is epoxy resin charcuterie boards food safe?

At Bully Woodworking, nothing is more important than your safety and satisfaction with your custom order. When used properly, food-grade epoxy is completely safe when applied to non-cutting surfaces, such as serving boards, charcuterie boards, or serving trays. There is a place for epoxy in the kitchen or dining room. On our site, you can find many prior projects detailing the beautiful charcuterie and serving boards we have previously been commissioned to make with food-grade epoxy. The FDA grade of epoxy used for food applications differs from that used for table tops, countertops, etc., and we only utilize top-rated products with the best quality offered on the market. This system ensures that your custom epoxy charcuterie board will blend well with a variety of colors and can help create seamless, vibrant patterns on your charcuterie board.

Available in a variety of designs, Bully Woodworking creates custom charcuterie and cutting boards styled with wood, epoxy accents, or epoxy river styles. These items are stunning accents for any kitchen–also making them the perfect housewarming gift! Our epoxy river charcuterie boards are sure to heat up any gathering. The materials and skills used in the construction of these products are only of the highest quality. Wood has unique characteristics, so no two boards are the same, and natural curves, grains, burls, and live edges are used as nature intended to fit your dream design.

Our charcuterie boards would make a great gift for anyone. They're perfect for any occasion, but weddings and housewarmings are particularly popular. You can't go wrong with Bully Woodworking if you want a premium-quality charcuterie board with epoxy or an epoxy river-cutting board. Make sure you check out our awesome selection but don't say we didn't warn you–one might not be enough.

We hope you will turn to us when you are searching for the perfect epoxy charcuterie board. For more information, email us at ashley@bullywoodworkingva.com. You can browse all our handcrafted products on our website under the Gallery tab.