Handmade Custom River Tables

Custom River Tables: The Perfect Combination of Beauty and Durability

Our custom river tables for sale reimagine nature. These handcrafted pieces of furniture mix the traditional charm of rustic wood with the sleek elegance of epoxy for a timeless look. With your input, it'll compliment your decor no matter your style.

River tables recreate stunning landscapes by using the natural patterns found in our unique wood selection. Wood slabs are joined with epoxy and the wood's natural grain patterns replicate river beds' soft shores. The transparent resin captures the endless flow of a river, hence the name. These unique pieces look like the bird's eye view of a landscape, frozen in time and sliced from nature.

Handmade wood tables for sale, furniture pieces as unique as you.

Each piece is unique, from rustic dining tables to modern desks, from stunning nightstands to provocative coffee tables.

We understand the beauty and importance of crafting something with our own hands— and we want you to participate. Each custom piece begins with an in-depth client consultation so we can bring your vision to life. We offer various customization options, including wood type, finish, style, and resin color.

Everyone has different tastes. Luckily, wood has some of the most diverse features of any material. Color, hue, grain, texture, distressing, curling pattern...each characteristic will enhance the beauty of your project. So consider your unique aesthetic and let us deliver a custom piece that will exceed your expectations.

Unlike mass-produced furniture, our high-quality materials are ethically and locally sourced. While we bring nature indoors, we ensure our methods are sustainable.

No two clients are alike, and neither are our handmade wooden tables.

How long will it last?

All our tables are highly resistant to damage and scratches. We even offer an additional epoxy topcoat, raising the durability. Your live-edge resin coffee table can last multiple homes and potentially generations if properly cared for.

Epoxy tables are easy to care for and require minimum maintenance. When dirty, simply wipe it down with a wet paper towel. To keep the stunning finish, occasionally re-oil the surface. After years of use, the finish may fade, requiring a fresh coat of varnish. For something with such natural beauty, it requires very little upkeep. Your custom furniture piece is a wise investment that will stand the test of time.

Bully Furniture is Made with Pride

When we say "live edge epoxy table for sale," we speak with pride. Pride for our craftsmanship, our attention to detail, and our personalized service. With various customization options and high-quality materials, your custom river table will exceed your expectations and provide a stunning centerpiece for your home or office.